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London to Paris

10 May

ParisThe only way to travel between London and Paris via land is to travel by Eurostar. The Rail Company joins the English Isle to the rest of the European Continent through the Channel Tunnel. The train passes through the Chunnel Tunnel under the English Channel. The St Pancras International is official train international train station of England a while Gare Du Nord is the French International train station. The journey starts from St Pancras international through various stations like the Waterloo international, Ebbs fleet, Ashford international etc on the English Isle and Galais, Lille on the French side. It takes Eurostar just two and half hours to reach Parish through the Chunnel tunnel. It is the safest and the fastest mode of transport after Air travel. The Service has won many high accolades that make Eurostar the most significant travel company in Europe.

Also known as the city of love Paris is the Capital city of the French Republic. It located at the heart of France. City has been the epicenter of trade since renaissance. The city is situated on the bank of River Seine, and has an oceanic type of climate that means the climate is moderate and mildly wet. The city is full of mid Nineteenth century architecture, and has a touch of modern urbanization too. Collectively the city defines love and affection along with modern outlook and fashion.

As it is the Capital city and all the major officials and meetings are held in Paris, the city is full of hotels and inns. The hotels differ a bit from each other but the luxury provided is the same. There are various hotels like Hotel Montpensier, La Villa Saint Germain and many more. From 5 star accommodation to 1 star all the categories are available that suits your pocket. The Christmas season is the most high season in Paris and the booking is done a before. So please book your choice of hotel a year before so that you are not in vain when you want to spend the season in Paris.

Eurostar has direct services to Paris from London and connects the Capital City in just two and half hours. The booking can be done online and will be offered special offers. The ticket booking can be done according to the time and date and the ticket is printable and an access will be given by just showing the e ticket. Check in will be done half an hour prior to the departure time. Luggage will be checked in automatically and will be available at the arrival station.

There are various other options to travel to Paris beside Eurostar. If you want a totally different travel idea, use ferries to travel across the English Channel on your vehicle and travel all the Europe.  The other option is to travel via Air. It is the fastest mode of travel. But Eurostar is best and comfortable way to visit Paris from London.